UMass Sesquicentennial

Maps, Data, Publications, and Resources

Active mines and mineral plants in the US. at <>
The American Geological Institute - News and Resources for geoscientists and teachers. at <>
Beneski Museum of Natural History at Amherst College (Amherst, MA). at <>
Berkshire Museum (Pittsfield, MA). at <>
Digital Library for Earth Systems Education. at <>
The Dynamic Digital Map of New England by Chris Condit (U-Mass, Amherst). at <>
Earth Science Educational Resources (from AGI). at <>
Earth Science Lesson Plans (from the Maine Geologic Survey). at <>
Earthlearningidea. at <>
Education and Teacher Resources -K-12 lesson plans and resources from the Geological Society of America. at <>
Educational Resources for K-16. at <>
Fact Sheets From the Association of American State Geologists. at <>
GRASS GIS. at <>
Great Falls Discovery Center (Turner's Falls, MA). at <>
gvSIG. at <>
Harvard Museum of Natural History (Cambridge, MA). at <>
Historical Cadastral Maps and Illustrations. at <>
Learning from the Fossil Record. at <>
List of geology and science blogs on at <>
NASA WorldWind. at <>
National Earth Science Education Standards. at <>
National Geologic Map Database. at <>
NEIGC Fieldtrip guidebooks for various parts of New England. at < lhanson/NEIGC/Guidebooks.html>
NeMO Explorer - virtual tour at the New Millennium Observatory, a seafloor observatory at an active underwater volcano. at <>
New England Intgercollegiate Geological Conference (NEIGC). at < lhanson/NEIGC/index.html>


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