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Preliminary fracture characterization map of the Ayer quadrangle, Massachusetts

TitlePreliminary fracture characterization map of the Ayer quadrangle, Massachusetts
Publication TypeMap
AuthorsKopera, JP, Mabee, SB, Powers, DC
Series TitleOpen-File Report
Massachusetts Geological Survey
#FractureMaps, #MGSPub, Ayer, ayer granite, Boxborough, chelmsford granite, Devens, fault, Fort Devens, fracture, fracture trace, Groton, Harvard, hydrostructural domain, joint, lineament, LITTLETON, Shirley, water resources

This preliminary version of the Fracture Characterization Map of the Ayer Quadrangle (Kopera, 2006) has been removed pending the release of an updated version of the underlying bedrock geologic map in the near future. The above version should be considered outdated. If you would like a copy of the outdated map, please contact Joseph Kopera at jkopera[at]geo[dot]geo[dot]umass[dot]edu

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