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Scanned "newer" 1:25K topographic maps (from MassGIS)

TitleScanned "newer" 1:25K topographic maps (from MassGIS)
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MassGIS scanned the USGS topographic quadrangles to create a digital database that can provide images of the paper maps. These images can be used as a backdrop for plotting vector data and for interpretation and analysis. MassGIS scanned the 15-minute series (vintage 1982-1990) where these maps were available; the 7.5-minute maps (1967-1979) were used elsewhere. Note that the elevation labels for the contours on the maps may be in meters or feet, depending on the vintage of the original paper map that MassGIS scanned. Contour labels on maps from 1982 and later are in meters. Labels on maps from 1967 through 1979 are in feet. See the Index Map for details. Most paper maps are at 1:25,000 scale; some older 7.5-minute quads were produced at 1:24,000 scale.

URL information-massgis/datalayers/imquad.html


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