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Slope Stability Map of Massachusetts

TitleSlope Stability Map of Massachusetts
Publication TypeMap
AuthorsMabee, SB, Duncan, C
Series TitleMGS Miscellaneous Map
Massachusetts Geological Survey
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The purpose of this project is to prepare an updated map of potential landslide hazards for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. The intent is to provide the public, local government and local and state emergency management agencies with a map showing the location of areas where slope movements have occurred or may possibly occur in the future under the right conditions of prolonged antecedent moisture and high intensity rainfall. It is hoped that this information will be included in the Statewide Hazard Mitigation Plan upon its next update. It is also anticipated that MassDOT and municipalities will find this information useful in planning upgrades and improvements to culverts and drainage along roadways in the future.

Three slope stability maps are provided at a scale of 1:125,000. Each sheet is 48 inches by 36 inches when printed. Sheet 1 covers western Massachusetts, Sheet 2, northeastern Massachusetts including the Boston area, and Sheet 3 covers southeastern Massachusetts, Cape Cod and the Islands. Data are also available as ESRI ArcGIS data files.

Map comprised of report and 3 sheets.

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