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Written In Stone: A geological history of the northeast United States

TitleWritten In Stone: A geological history of the northeast United States
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PublisherBlack Dome Press
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In vivid, non-technical prose, Written in Stone traces the geological changes in the American northeast since the continent perched on the equator and dinosaurs were young. Grand events unfold as continents collide, oceans disappear, mountain ranges rise and fall, and mass extinctions decimate entire species. The events are grand, but the features of the landscape created by these events are as familiar as the hill behind your home, the rocks in the stone walls that enclose your yard, and the grains of sand on the beach where you go to swim. The history of the landscape is written in all the rocks and stones of the Northeast. This is an indispensable reference to an understanding of the forces that shaped our familiar landscape from Maine to New Jersey.



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