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Well inventory of the Hudson quadrangle, Massachusetts

TitleWell inventory of the Hudson quadrangle, Massachusetts
Publication TypeDatabase
Year of Publication2005
AuthorsFernandez, M, Duncan, C, Mabee, SB
PublisherMassachusetts Geological Survey
Other NumbersWI 05-01
Keywords#MGSPub, #Subsurface, #WellInventory, Berlin, Bolton, borings, Boxborough, Harvard, Hudson, Malborough, Stow, water resources, wells

Well Inventories consist of ESRI ArcView Project files (*.apr), associated ESRI shapefiles and scanned boring logs compiled from several sources.   Each *. apr file displays borehole locations, information about the boring itself, and, where available, a scanned image of the boring log.  Be sure to read the "README.TXT" file before using this product.

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