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Mabee, S. B. & Hardcastle, K. C. Analyzing outcrop-scale fracture features to supplement investigations of bedrock aquifers. Hydrogeology Journal 5, 21 - 36 (1997).
Mabee, S. B., Curry, P. J. & Hardcastle, K. C. Correlation of lineaments to ground water inflows in the MWRA tunnel. Abstracts with Programs - Geological Society of America 33, 114 - 115 (2001).
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Mabee, S. B., Newton, R., Stepanov, A., Ene, D. & Ivanov, D. Converting paper geologic maps to digital products; the search for an effective method. Abstracts with Programs - Geological Society of America 35, 276 - 276 (2003).
Mabee, S. B., Hardcastle, K. C. & Wise, D. U. A method of collecting and analyzing lineaments for regional-scale fractured-bedrock aquifer studies. Ground Water 32, 884 - 894 (1994).
Manda, A. K. & Mabee, S. B. Comparison of three fracture sampling methods for layered rocks. International Journal of Rock Mechanics and Mining Sciences [1997] 47, 218 - 226 (2010).
Manda, A. K., Mabee, S. B. & Hubbs, S. A. Field mapping and fracture characterization techniques predict groundwater preferential flow paths in fractured bedrock aquifers, Nashoba Terrane, MA. AGU Fall Conference, 2005 86, 1477 (2005).


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