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Dynamic digital maps; an outreach tool for geoscience research, mapping and education in National Park Service administered lands

TitleDynamic digital maps; an outreach tool for geoscience research, mapping and education in National Park Service administered lands
Publication TypeConference Proceedings
Year of Publication2009
AuthorsCondit, CD, Nathan, SA, Mabee, SB
Conference NameAbstracts with Programs - Geological Society of America
Pagination365 - 365
Date Published2009/10/01/
PublisherGeological Society of America (GSA) : Boulder, CO, United States
Conference LocationUnited States
ISBN Number00167592
Keywords#StaffPubs, cartography, digital cartography, digital data, digital terrain models, education, Environmental geology 22, government agencies, land use, mapping, national parks, public lands, research, U. S. National Park Service, United States

The Dynamic Digital Map of Selected Sedimentary Rocks in Western Massachusetts (DDM-SedRxWMa) is an example of what can be developed for all National Park Administered land. On starting the program, the user chooses the media source: either "Web-Access" (from a server) or "Local Access" (from DVD, flash or disk drive) and immediately sees a "Home Screen". The Home Screen displays the location of five detailed maps and buttons linked to Indexes (lists) of DDM content. Each map contains numbered icons that link that location to a field guide of that site. Camera icons on the detailed maps point in the direction photos were taken; many photos are oblique aerials that place the map features in context. The aerials contain camera icons of ground photos along the field trip route. The maps can be toggled between an orthophoto map or a topographic map, each geo-referenced. Key field guide locations have 360-degree QuickTime panoramics. All images and movies have captions. The DDM-SedRxWMa program is made from the DDM-Template and is capable of displaying text (captions or field guides) at 3 different user-selectable levels. The text might instead be displayed in 3 different languages. The DDM-SedRxWMa, which includes a 7 minute automated guided tour, can be downloaded at The DDM-Template is an open source program that anyone can use to make their own DDM. It and a step-by-step manual (the "Cookbook") are available along with over 20 DDMs at Making a DDM from the Template requires the use of the relatively inexpensive and easy to learn, multi-platform programming environment Runtime Revolution ( Maps and photos (jpeg files) and movies are stored outside the program, which acts as an organizational framework and index to present it. Text and data are saved within the program and can be imported from html, rtf or txt format files. Map unit labels, sample sites, and graphics, such as camera icons (created in the Template) can be overlain on the maps or images; and provide a link to view the associated data or images. Once the Template has been modified and renamed, a single step creates 3 royalty-free, stand-alone programs, one each for Unix, Windows and Macintosh operating systems. A DDM program matching the user's operating system can be made available online.

Short TitleAbstracts with Programs - Geological Society of America
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