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MA Geology Facts

  • State Rock: The Roxbury Conglomerate (puddingstone)
  • State Mineral: Babingtonite
  • State Gemstone: Rhodonite
  • State Fossil: Dinosaur (therapod) Tracks, of course!
  • State Soil: Paxton Soil Series


USGS Professional Paper 1366 A-D & E-J: Books accompanying the 1983 State Bedrock Geologic Map, edited by Norman L. Hatch.

Paper copies can be ordered via the USGS store (...

(Zen et al., 1983) The 1:250,000 scale Bedrock Geologic Map of Massachusetts, published by the USGS in 1983, shows the distribution of the different rock units, faults, and other features that...

A postcard showing the major bedrock types in Massachusetts

This program presents four thematic maps of Massachusetts, in five overlapping segments, including the State Geologic Map. It also contains maps of four more limited areas that include six...

"Cape Anne, Massachusetts has long been famous for its spectacular scenery and intriguing geology. This volume, written by a long time resident and geologist, brings to life the secrets of Cape...

With animations and a bit of humor, geologist-educator Richard Little takes you through the amazing events of the last 500 million years in the Connecticut River Valley region, and shows you why...

Prof. Richard Little hosts this 45-minute program, filled with air views, diagrams, animations, spectacular glacial locations from Canada to Alaska, some humor, and interviews with important...

A compilation of fossil and mineral collecting localities, with maps, in western Massachusetts by Alan R. Plante.

A PDF of popular Massachusets Mineral and fossil localities compiled by Peter Gleba in 1978, revised in 2008.

Roadside Geology of Massachusetts explores the geologic history behind the rocks and landforms visible from the state's highways, including tours of Cape Cod, Nantucket, Martha's Vineyard, Boston...

In vivid, non-technical prose, Written in Stone traces the geological changes in the American northeast since the continent perched on the equator and dinosaurs were young. Grand events unfold as...

Written by local geology expert Richard Little, this book is a great resource for the geologic layperson interested in the geologist history of the Connecticut Valley: from its formation during...

After introductory chapters on Berkshire geology, Author Ed Kirby takes you to some of the most scenic and interesting sites throughout the Berkshires of Massachusetts, Connecticut, and New York....

An exploration into the geology, land use and engineering of the Boston area by teachers at the Brookline Public Schools

A list of rock, fossil, and mineral clubs in Massachusetts maintained by the Eastern Federation of Mineralogical and Lapidary Societies

A blog and roving roadshow of rocks, tracks, and fossils. They host frequent public events throughout western Massachusetts highlighting the geology and history of geologic study of the...


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