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Geothermal Resources

A variety of information on geothermal resources and ground source heat pumps in Massachusetts.

Searchable online database of well completion reports in Massachusetts. Maintained by MassDEP

NEGPA is a regional non-profit association advocating for the development of Geothermal Systems as a dependable, cost-effective, renewable resource for New England. Their website contains a host...

A series of geothermal maps and datasets for Massachusetts derived from data collected by the MGS for Massachusetts and Connecticut. These data include whole rock geochemistry, rock and soil...

Geothermal heat pumps (GHPs), although not a new technology, remain a small (but growing) player in the residential heating/cooling sector. Although somewhat higher in first cost, this technology...

One of the first steps in the consideration of a GSHP system is a characterization of the site in terms of geology and groundwater availability. Information concerning aquifer (or aquifers)...

All things geothermal. From the U.S. Department of Energy.

Owners of facilities with non-potable water wells may have the opportunity to reduce their costs for heating and cooling as well as reducing their carbon footprint by installing a ground source...

A Newsletter for Geothermal Heat Pump Designers and Installers by the GeoHeat center at the Oregon Institute of technology

US-EPA primer for the homeowner on geothermal technologies with links to more resources.


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