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The Massachusetts Geothermal Data Project

TitleThe Massachusetts Geothermal Data Project
Publication TypeDatabase
Year of Publication2013
AuthorsRhodes, JM, Koteas, CG, Mabee, SB, Ryan, A, Isaacson, M
PublisherMassachusetts Geological Survey
Keywords#Geothermal, #MGSPubs, #Reports, #Subsurface, Andover Granite, aqueous geochemistry, Cape Anne granite, ECS, enhanced geothermal systems, Fitchburg granite, geothermal, granite geochemistry, granites, heat flow, hot dry rock, hot springs, thermal, thermal conductivity, thermal transmissivity, whole rock geochemistry, XRF

A series of geothermal maps and datasets for Massachusetts derived from data collected by the MGS for Massachusetts and Connecticut. These data include whole rock geochemistry, rock and soil thermal conductivity, hot spring aqueous geochemistry, and derivative thermal and heatflow modeling.

The project includes multiple datasets and products which can be accessed here or via the National Geothermal Data System (

These datasets and products are:

Comprising MGS Miscellaneous Maps 13-01 through 13-08

can be downloaded from the links below

  • Whole Rock Geochemistry- Whole rock geochemistry for bedrock samples from MA and CT
  • Bedrock Thermal Conductivity - Spreadsheet of thermal conductivity data for bedrock samples in MA and CT, with descriptions and location.
  • Sediment Thermal Conductivity - Spreadsheet of thermal conductivity data for sediment / glacial deposit samples in MA and CT, with descriptions and location.
  • Thermal Conductivity - Spreadsheet and GIS shapefiles of thermal conductivity measurements made on individual rock samples in Massachusetts.
  • Field Data - Spreadsheet of sample locations, outcrop, lithologic descriptions and other field observations.
  • Borehole Logs - Spreadsheets and borehole logs, including geophysical, temperature and optical televiewer logs, for selected water wells in Massachusetts.
  • Borehole Temperature Data - Spreadsheets and historic reports of borehole locations and temperature data for select water wells in Massachusetts.
  • Thermal Spring Chemistry - GIS shapefiles showing locations of thermal springs in MA and spreadsheets with observational, temperature, and aqueous geochemistry data for those springs.
  • Heat Flow Data - Spreadsheets of downhole heatflow determinations and associates data for selected wells in Massachusetts.
  • Thermal Modeling - Spreadsheet of estimated heatflow and temperature-at-depth calculations for selected sites in Massachusetts
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