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Well inventory of the Marlborough quadrangle, Massachusetts

TitleWell inventory of the Marlborough quadrangle, Massachusetts
Publication TypeDatabase
Year of Publication2004
AuthorsDuncan, C, Mabee, SB
PublisherMassachusetts Geological Survey
Other NumbersWI04-01
Keywords#MGSPub, #Subsurface, #WellInventory, Ashland, Berlin, boring, Hopkinton, Hudson, Malborough, Marlborough, Northborough, Southborough, subsurface, Upton, water resources, wells, Westborough

Well Inventories consist of ESRI ArcView Project files (*.apr), associated ESRI shapefiles and scanned boring logs compiled from several sources.   Each *. apr file displays borehole locations, information about the boring itself, and, where available, a scanned image of the boring log.  Be sure to read the "README.TXT" file before using this product.

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