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Mabee, S. B. & Fernandez, M. Surficial geology of a portion of Bristol, Norfolk and Plymouth Counties, Massachusetts. geologic Map (2004).
Venti, N. L. et al. Subtle modification of glacially derived materials along Massachusetts’ southern coast by passing summer storms. Abstracts with Programs - Geological Society of America 47, 136 (2015).
Kopera, J. P. & Massey, M. A. A structural framework for the Nashoba Terrane in eastern Massachusetts. Abstracts with Programs - Geological Society of America 45, 107 (2013).
Thompson, P. J., Kopera, J. P. & Solway, D. R. Stratigraphy and structure of the rocks underlying Boston Harbor: new insights on the Cambridge argillite and associated diamictites and diabase sills. Geological Society of America Abstracts with Programs 44, 43 (2012).
Bigelow, P. J. The stone quarry industry: Pelham, Massachusetts. (1998). at <>
A copy of this publication can be viewed at the U-Mass Libraries special collections
Soil survey GIS layers for Massachusetts. at <>
Mabee, S. B. & Duncan, C. Slope Stability Map of Massachusetts. MGS Miscellaneous Map (2013).
Map comprised of report and 3 sheets.
Simplified Bedrock Geologic Map of Massachusetts.
SearchWell - MassDEP Well Driller Program. at <>
The Science Education Resource Center at Carlton College. at <>
Schoolyard Geology. at <>
School of Rock. at <>
Scanned "newer" 1:25K topographic maps (from MassGIS). at < information-massgis/datalayers/imquad.html>
Societies, E. Federation. Rock and Mineral Clubs in Massachusetts. at <>
Skehan, J. W. Roadside Geology of Massachusetts. (Mountain Press, 2001).
Roadside Geology of Massachusetts. at <>
Little, R. D. The Rise and Fall of Lake Hitchcock - New England's Greatest Glacial Lake. (Earthview LLC., 2000). at <>
45 minute video
The Rise and Fall of Lake Hitchcock - New England's Greatest Glacial Lake. (Earthview LLC, 2000). at <>
Revolutionizing Earth System Science Education for the 21st Century - Report and Recommendations from a 50-State Analysis of Earth Science Education conducted by TERC for NOAA, Posted June 11, 2007. (PDF, 1.1 MB). at <>
Belt, E. S., Davis, R. A. & Mabee, S. B. Report to the government of the British Virgin Islands on the status of beach erosion and water pollution. 130 (1994).
Recent USGS Publications for Massachusetts. at <>
Recent New England Earthquakes - Map. at <>
Recent New England Earthquakes. at <>
Reading Maps with a Critical Eye: Becoming an Informed Map Reader. at <>



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