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J.P., K., Roden-Tice, M. K. & Wintsch, R. P. Latest Paleozoic through Mesozoic faults in north-central Massachusetts and their correlations with New Hampshire. Geological Society of America - Northeastern section (Geological Society of America, 2016). doi:10.1130/abs/2016NE-272576
Gagnon, T. K., Thomas, M. A., Rhodes, J. M. & Mabee, S. B. Connecticut geothermal map series; tools for exploration and development. Abstracts with Programs - Geological Society of America 45, 50 - 50 (2013).
Becker, L. R. et al. Improving seismic hazard assessment in New England through the use of surficial geologic maps and expert analysis. Geological Society of America Abstracts with Programs 45, 50 - 51 (2013).
Mabee, S. B., Woodruff, J. D., Fellows, J. & Kopera, J. P. Landslides from Tropical Storm Irene in the Deerfield Watershed, western Massachusetts. Abstracts with Programs - Geological Society of America 45, 83 - 84 (2013).
Manda, A. K., Mabee, S. B., Boutt, D. F. & Cooke, M. L. A method of estimating bulk potential permeability in fractured-rock aquifers using field-derived fracture data and type curves. Hydrogeology Journal 21, 357 - 369 (2013).
P. House, K., Clark, R. & Kopera, J. P. Overcoming the momentum of anachronism; American geologic mapping in a twenty-first-century world. Special Paper - Geological Society of America 502, 103 - 125 (2013).
Kopera, J. P. & Massey, M. A. A structural framework for the Nashoba Terrane in eastern Massachusetts. Abstracts with Programs - Geological Society of America 45, 107 (2013).



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