UMass Sesquicentennial

Maps, Data, Publications, and Resources

MA DEP Drinking Water Information. at <>
MA DEP - Water Resources of Massachusetts. at <>
MA DEP - Water, Wastewater, and Wetlands. at <>
MA Department of Environmental Management, Hazard Mitigation Program. at <>
The Massachusetts DEP Hydrogeologic Information Matrix. at <>
Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation. at <>
MassDEP Geothermal Integration Fact Sheet. at <>
MassGIS. at <> at <>
Mineral Resources Data System (MRDS). at <>
Minerals Yearbook for Massachusetts. at <>
NASA WorldWind. at <>
National Earth Science Education Standards. at <>
National Earthquake Information Center, Earthquake Hazards Program. at <>
Massachusetts earthquake information from the USGS.
National Geodetic Survey Data Explorer. at <>
National Geologic Map Database. at <>
National Park Service Teacher Resources. at <>
National Science Education Standards. at <>
NEIGC Fieldtrip guidebooks for various parts of New England. at < lhanson/NEIGC/Guidebooks.html>
NeMO Explorer - virtual tour at the New Millennium Observatory, a seafloor observatory at an active underwater volcano. at <>
New England Geothermal Professional Association. at <>
New England Intgercollegiate Geological Conference (NEIGC). at < lhanson/NEIGC/index.html>
The New England Seismic Network. at <>
News and Current events in Earth Science on at <>
Northeast States Emergency Consortium. at <>



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