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Overcoming the momentum of anachronism; American geologic mapping in a twenty-first-century world

TitleOvercoming the momentum of anachronism; American geologic mapping in a twenty-first-century world
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2013
AuthorsP. House, K, Clark, R, Kopera, JP
JournalSpecial Paper - Geological Society of America
Pagination103 - 125
Date Published2013/09/01/
PublisherGeological Society of America (GSA) : Boulder, CO, United States
ISBN Number00721077
Keywords#StaffPubs, applications, areal geology, cartography, computer programs, data processing, digital cartography, geographic information systems, Geologic maps 14, Global Positioning System, history, information systems, laser methods, lidar methods, mapping, methods, technology, United States

The practice of geologic mapping is undergoing conceptual and methodological transformation. Profound changes in digital technology in the past 10 yr have potential to impact all aspects of geologic mapping. The future of geologic mapping as a relevant scientific enterprise depends on widespread adoption of new technology and ideas about the collection, meaning, and utility of geologic map data. It is critical that the geologic community redefine the primary elements of the traditional paper geologic map and improve the integration of the practice of making maps in the field and office with the new ways to record, manage, share, and visualize their underlying data. A modern digital geologic mapping model will enhance scientific discovery, meet elevated expectations of modern geologic map users, and accommodate inevitable future changes in technology.

Short TitleSpecial Paper - Geological Society of America
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