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Barosh, P. J., Fahey, R. J. & Pease, Maurice Henry, J. Preliminary compilation of the bedrock geology of the land area of the Boston 2 degree sheet, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island and New Hampshire. USGS Open File Report (1977). at <>
An alternative interpretation of the geology of the eastern part of the state.
Kopera, J. P. & Mabee, S. B. Preliminary field report on the November 13th-14th, 2011 landslide near Steam Mill Road, Deerfield, Massachusetts. Open File Report 19 (Massachusetts Geological Survey, 2011). at <>
Mabee, S. B. & Kopera, J. P. Preliminary field report on the Route 2 landslides of tropical storm Irene, August 28, 2011. 18 (Massachusetts Geological Survey, 2011). at <>
Kopera, J. P., Mabee, S. B. & Powers, D. C. Preliminary fracture characterization map of the Ayer quadrangle, Massachusetts. Open-File Report (2006).
Wise, D. U., Mabee, S. B. & Hardcastle, K. C. Preliminary Geology and Assessment of Groundwater Potential at Cresta de Sacramento, Palpa, Peru: Field Report – July 2002. 31 (2003).
A primer on Plate Tectonics - from UC Berkely Museum of Paleontology. at <>
Borrelli, M. et al. Progress map of the onshore-offshore surficial geologic map of the North Truro quadrangle, Barnstable County, Massachusetts.
Massey, M. A. Progress map of the preliminary bedrock geologic map of the Billerica quadrangle, Massachusetts. (2011).
Jahns, R. H. & Kopera, J. P. Progress report of bedrock geologic mapping of the Lowell quadrangle, Massachusetts. Progress Map (2010).
Nathan, S. A. & Mabee, S. B. Prototype three-dimensional surficial materials map of the Marlborough quadrangle, Massachusetts. Open-File Report
Reading Maps with a Critical Eye: Becoming an Informed Map Reader. at <>
Recent New England Earthquakes. at <>
Recent New England Earthquakes - Map. at <>
Recent USGS Publications for Massachusetts. at <>
Belt, E. S., Davis, R. A. & Mabee, S. B. Report to the government of the British Virgin Islands on the status of beach erosion and water pollution. 130 (1994).
Revolutionizing Earth System Science Education for the 21st Century - Report and Recommendations from a 50-State Analysis of Earth Science Education conducted by TERC for NOAA, Posted June 11, 2007. (PDF, 1.1 MB). at <>
Little, R. D. The Rise and Fall of Lake Hitchcock - New England's Greatest Glacial Lake. (Earthview LLC., 2000). at <>
45 minute video
The Rise and Fall of Lake Hitchcock - New England's Greatest Glacial Lake. (Earthview LLC, 2000). at <>
Skehan, J. W. Roadside Geology of Massachusetts. (Mountain Press, 2001).
Roadside Geology of Massachusetts. at <>
Societies, E. Federation. Rock and Mineral Clubs in Massachusetts. at <>



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