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Mabee, S. B., Hardcastle, K. C. & Wise, D. U. A method of collecting and analyzing lineaments for regional-scale fractured-bedrock aquifer studies. Ground Water 32, 884 - 894 (1994).
Mabee, S. B. & Hardcastle, K. C. Analyzing outcrop-scale fracture features to supplement investigations of bedrock aquifers. Hydrogeology Journal 5, 21 - 36 (1997).
Mabee, S. B., Hardcastle, K. C. & Wise, D. U. Correlation of lineaments and bedrock fracture fabric; implications for regional fractured-bedrock aquifer studies, preliminary results from Georgetown, Maine. Ground Water Management 3, 283 - 297 (1990).
Mabee, S. B., Curry, P. J. & Hardcastle, K. C. Correlation of lineaments to ground water inflows in a bedrock tunnel. Ground Water 40, 37 - 43 (2002).
Mabee, S. B. Factors influencing well productivity in glaciated metamorphic rocks. Ground Water 37, 88 - 97 (1999).
Mabee, S. B. & Kopera, J. P. Fracture characterization maps; a new type of geologic map for hydrogeologic applications. Abstracts with Programs - Geological Society of America 37, 145 - 145 (2005).
Mabee, S. B. Lineaments; their value in assessing regional groundwater availability and quality in bedrock aquifers of glaciated metamorphic terrains; a case study. Abstracts with Programs - Geological Society of America 25, 35 - 35 (1993).


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