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The Hudson quadrangle straddles the Clinton-Newbury Fault Zone (CNFZ), which separates low metamorphic grade Silurian turbiditic metasediments and Devonian plutons of the Nashua sub-belt (Robinson...

This map also contains brittle fracture data as part of the GIS files.

This map is a progress report of bedrock geologic mapping currently underway in the Billerica...

The culmination of over 50 years of mapping and geologic investigation by U-Mass professor Peter Robinson and his students, this map details the structure and stratigraphy of the Oliverean gneiss...

This map is an interim progress report of mapping currently underway.

Fracture Characterization Map is included as sheets 2 and 3. Water Resources data included as sheet 4.

GIS and metadata forthcoming

Digitized version of U.S. Geological Survey Miscellaneous Investigations Series Map I-2285

The Newton quadrangle, located west of Boston, Massachusetts, is mainly underlain by clastic sedimentary and minor igneous rocks occupying the topographic Boston Basin (Crosby, 1880; Emerson, 1917...

Maps in Progress are not distributed to the public. If you would like to see a copy of this map, please contact Joseph Kopera at jkopera[at]geo[dot]geo[dot]umass[dot]edu

Bedrock Geologic Map contains brittle fracture data

Mapping still in progress. For interim fracture database, please contact Joe Kopera

This preliminary version of the Bedrock Map of the Ayer Quadrangle (Kopera, 2006) has been removed pending the release of an updated version in the near future. The above version should be...

This map has been superseded by MGS OFR 14-01: Preliminary Bedrock Geologic Map of the Hudson 7.5' Quadrangle Worcester and Middlesex Counties, Massachusetts

This map is...


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